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I must say I really love Adbox. It's only been a few months but the results for my clients are great! Receiving your monthly curation of the best ads is a tremendous help to help me keep track of what kind of creative brings money in

Guilbaud Digital Agency

This looks amazing! $50/mo well spent! Thank you!

Matt McMonagle - Perfect Keto

My favorite tool! Worth every penny, especially during these times. Hundreds of amazing and effective ad ideas in one place. It saves my team time and money. Recommended 100%

Mark W. - Network Agency

My results speak for themselves. Out of the 3 ads I created with Adbox ideas, two were great and 1 is very profitable! A 6.2 ROAS so far on the winning ad. I am happy :-) thanks gents!

Nephi G - Fashion Panda

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How do we select the ads?

Our team analyzes over 3000 ads every month and hand-pick the best ads according to:

Analysis of 950+ fast-growing eComm brands

Looking at how long the ad has been running and the number of views/ like/comments/share ratio

Interviews with agencies and eComm brands

Interviews with agencies and eCommerce brands to know their best practices and high-performing ads

Research of online communities

Research of the most active online communities (52) where advertisers share their ad strategies⁣⁣⁣⁣

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