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According to Facebook™ stats, more than half of all conversions are attributed to ads. Not the brand, not the product, but the ad itself!

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FINALLY!!! After 3 years of crafting ads for my eCommerce clients, I was struggling to get effective ideas from the Facebook Ad library and these collections are just perfect for my budget!! Thanks
Lauren Bex - Marketing manager at Network Media

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I got my first collection yayyyy! These collections are an eye-opener and a must-have for anyone dealing with Facebook ads for brands.
Lucy Bartels - Digital marketer at Lolly Store

Frequently Asked Questions

All it takes is 1 creative

Instead of guessing - you can discover the best practices and ad examples from fast-growing eCommerce brands


Creative ad ideas

If nobody stops to read or see your ad, you've lost the battle. If nobody clicks on your ad, you've also lost. So, it is very important to be aware of the best ad strategies and the latest effective trends.


Low-production ads

There is no need for a big production budget. A clear message and simple graphics can be the key to a disruptive ad concept.



User-generated content is cheap, effective and one of the trending strategies for 2020.

Can we pay for two or more collections each month? This is pure gold for our brand. Our cash flow thanks you!
Erik Rodriguez - CEO at Get Fashion Co


The key to be successful in the Facebook/Instagram advertising universe is testing different ways to show your product and its benefits

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